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Mama’s Family

“Mama Mania” Season 4, Episode 9 11/21/1987 While Mama’s Family will never make any top ten sitcom lists, or be revered for breaking any ground as a sitcom or, hell, for being an entertaining sitcom for that matter, it was still a sitcom I regularly watched as a kid. Which will tell you that I… Continue reading Mama’s Family

Ringside Cinema

How I got into College (1989)

Nowadays, I can just write “80’s” and “GLOW” and chances are you’re going to click to read more.

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Women’s Wrestling TV Episodes

With International Women’s Day having just passed, and it being National Women’s History Month, I realized I could do more to spotlight the representation of women’s wrestling (both good and bad) in pop culture. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s enough TV episodes featuring women wrestling to make a top ten list. These are the… Continue reading Women’s Wrestling TV Episodes

What the World is Watching

My Name is Earl

“B.L.O.W.” Season 2, Episode 16 2/08/2007 Unlike most sitcoms, My Name is Earl had a high concept which centered on this low-life dude who wins the lottery, but then immediately gets hit by a car. Having learned what karma is, Earl creates a long list of all the people he’s ever wronged and plans to… Continue reading My Name is Earl


The A-Team The Abbott & Costello Show Angel Baywatch The Beverly Hillbillies Boy Meets World Charmed The Characters City Guys Code Monkeys Cold Case Dexter’s Laboratory Garfield & Friends It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Jackie Chan Adventures Karate Master Laverne & Shirley The League The Little Rascals Looney Tunes Lucas Bros. Moving Co. Mama’s Family… Continue reading TV


The Masked Mabels

Medium: Television Title: Mama’s Family  Bio: The Masked Mabels were once the most dominant tag team in the women’s wrestling division. Despite their size and years of wrestling experience, they were easily defeated by a wrestling grannie on the biggest show in the history of Raytown. Signature Move: Jobbing to an older lady who has never wrestled.

What the World is Watching

Garfield and Friends

“Canvas Back Cat” Season 5 Episode 8 10/10/1992 In case you’re wondering if this cartoon still holds up after all these years, the answer is yes. Yes, it does. And the fact that there’s an episode that involves pro wrestling makes it all the better.

What the World is Watching

Married with Children

“Flight of the Bumblebee” Season 10, Episode 7 10/29/1995 Ah, The Bundys. They changed the landscape of prime-time sitcoms, with their uncouth, unabashed, unapologetic style and made an everlasting joke out of shoe salesmen the world over. And they put the Fox network on the map. So, there’s that. In this particular episode, a Bundy… Continue reading Married with Children