The Bundy 5

The Bundy 5: Hulk Hogan Halloween Costumes

HulkHoganCostumeThere’s little doubt that the most recognizable wrestler on the entire planet is, was, and probably forever will be Hulk Hogan. At the very least, he’ll always be the George Lucas of wrestlers in terms of merchandising the hell out of his brand. From the start of Hulkamania in the mid-80’s to his lackluster and soul-sucking stint in TNA from the last couple of years, The Hulkster’s always been able to cash a few more checks come Halloween time.

IMG_25045. Knock-Off Hulk Hogan
Obviously made by the same companies who mass-produce generic look-a-likes with copyright loophole names like 70’s Man Brown Wig and Mustache when we all know it’s supposed to be Ron Burgundy. Although the “Wrestling Champ” scrawled across the front makes me think that Hogan was in on it and getting a cut of the sales. At least they made it intended for adults, and not children, because it’s not the mid-80’s or early 90’s anymore. It’s not a bad attempt, even though a quick Google image search will result in way better DIY Hogan costumes. If they were going for old-school Hulk Hogan they should’ve at least made the red part of the tights flesh colored. And by flesh colored I mean burnt sienna.

IMG_25204. TNA Hulk Hogan
There are two versions of this costume. One for adults, which makes sense. And one for kids, which in the years 2009 and up does not make sense. You know what else didn’t make sense about the costume? Having the TNA World Title superimposed onto Hogan’s waist. Granted, Hogan “wrestled” a handful of times while in TNA, but was nowhere near being in competition for the title. Which is the smartest thing TNA ever did. Ever. But creative liberties being what they are and Hulk Hogan being who he is, is it really any surprise? Maybe he didn’t like the fact that the Sting costume came with the title as well. Even though Sting actually won it a few times.

IMG_25093. nWo Hollywood Hogan
By the time this wrestling era rolled around Hulk Hogan’s career was in a resurgence and was once again relevant. What was he supposed to do, not make any extra money off of even more merchandise? Thanks to that entrepreneurial spirit, we got the creepiest Hulk Hogan costume to hit the market. With it’s unproportional gigantic mask, and lifeless black eyes, this was pretty much a costume made for an alien to disguise itself and fit in with the people of earth in order to study cultural rituals like Halloween.

IMG_25162. Python Power Hulk Hogan
Despite being far removed from their Mega Powers days, has there ever been a cuter picture of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage together than the one above? I dare you to find one. They should’ve made all their entrances holding hands, while Miss Elizabeth skipped out in front of them. Hogan was clearly into the transitional second stage of his WWE career here, but Halloween costumes for children were not. It’s hardly a step up from the even cheaper plastic Ben Cooper costumes that you’ll find at number one.

IMG_25031. Hulkamania Hulk Hogan
While the Python Power Hogan costume made it a point to cover up that bald spot this one somewhat embraced it. They obviously made it more of a receding hairline, but if Hogan was able to get into his contract that his opponents weren’t allowed to talk about his baldness, I’m pretty sure that kind of denial extended to his merchandise.The creative liberties also extended to his yellow pants, which Hogan never wore. But I guess the technology to print a couple of bare legs with yellow trunks on (like in the Python Power costume) was still years away. As you can see he’s got the world title superimposed onto this costume as well. Unlike the TNA one, I’m sure it was there simply to erase any doubt as to who the face of the company was. Even though that was made evident by the fact that Hogan was the only WWE wrestler with his own Halloween costume at the time.

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