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scrubs-logo“My Fifteen Minutes”
Season 1, Episode 8

Scrubs was a great show. Its use of flashbacks and day dreaming, fantasy sequences were a large part of the reason why it was great. What made it even better was this episode in which Zach Braff’s character, J.D., goes full-on 80’s wrestler in a wrestling promo fantasy sequence.

Despite this airing in 2001 as the WWE’s Attitude Era was waning down, Scrubs decided to make JD’s wrestling promo old school. We’re talking 80’s rockin’ glam metal hair, “let me tell you something, brother” inflection, WWE winged-eagle World Title, old school. Even the getup J.D. wore was pretty vintage. It’s clear this entire promo later inspired Colin Delaney’s wrestling attire and physique.

Scrubs-Intern1To add some context to this, J.D. has to give his mentor and man crush, Dr. Cox, a physical exam and he plans to be as professional and honest about it as possible. Dr. Cox, already creeped out by J.D.’s obsession with him, is against the idea of being examined and, more specifically, probed by J.D.

The wrestling promo is almost a long-lost art form, thanks to the WWE’s overwritten promos that make everybody sound like drama kids in high school trying to get through a monologue that was already performed by somebody much more talented. Back in the day, wrestlers were given a live mic and maybe a couple of bullet points. This is how legendary interviews were produced and why “Mean” Gene Okerlund was always corpsing.

Scrubs-Intern2In mainstream pop culture, the wrestling interview still plays out the same old school way. It’s mostly due to the fact that most non-wrestling fans only really remember watching interviews from guys like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. There’s a reason why J.D. starts with “Yeah, I got something to say to Dr. Cox.” Wrestling tropes dictate that most promos need to start with wrestlers declaring that they’ve got something on their mind that needs saying and they’re going to tell you. Brother.

Scrubs‘ homage to the old school wrestling promo keeps it short and sweet and, more importantly, gets the point across. But enough of my typing, let The Intern break it down for you.


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