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Meet Me There (2014)

Brandon Stroud, writer and editor of the two-time RSPW award winning With Spandex blog, on the Uproxx site, wrote the film Meet Me There. Yes, when he’s not busy updating The Best & Worst of Raw posts, or borrowing this site’s Ringside Cinema feature or What the World is Watching, Stroud works on non-pro wrestling endeavors. In case you were hoping this was another entry in the growing wrestling horror film subgenre, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

The Storyline
Meet Me There is a lo-fi horror film so naturally, as the main couple deals with Ada’s sexual dysfunction in Bumfuck, Oklahoma, creepy shit starts happening. And this little Oklahoman town comes off exactly how you expect it to in a horror movie. Lots of scary backwoods people with backward ways of thinking. There’s also a midnight sex cult to mix things up. Because wrestling isn’t a main part of the plot, I’m going to stop here and suggest you head on over to Amazon and find out for yourself, whether or not the couple is eventually able to have sex with one another.

The Wrestling
We get a very brief scene of the two main characters enjoying an indie wrestling show. I can’t make out the name, but I think it’s Anarchy Championship Wrestling. You would think Stroud and company would’ve used this opportunity to pimp the organization he’s affiliated with, Inspire Pro Wrestling. Either way, props to him for spreading the indie love. Anyway, there’s one actual wrestling moment in which one of the wrestlers gets suplexed onto his head. There’s also a quick cut to some random sporty hipster, in requisite hipster glasses and bushy beard, holding a pair of championship belts. No idea who that guy is or what he’s doing there.


The Wrestlers
Because he’s Brandon Stroud, he managed to plug two of his favorite things, pro wrestling and Daniel Bryan, into the movie. In the opening sequence, Lisa Friedrich, who plays Ada, who’s loosely based on Stroud’s girlfriend, and co-writer, Destiny Talley, appears from the bathroom wearing nothing but a Daniel Bryan t-shirt. It’s probably the best that t-shirt has ever looked, unless there are pics of Brie Bella in nothing but Daniel Bryan t-shirts floating around in Daniel Bryan’s iCloud. Dustin Runnels A.K.A. Goldust appears as well, in non t-shirt real life form, but because it’s in a non-wrestling capacity it doesn’t really have a place in this post. Although, he is the best part of the film. As for the indie wrestlers, I have no idea who they are since they’re not listed on the film’s IMDB page.

Star Rating: *

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