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TV Wrestling Episodes Perfect for Halloween

Charmed - 7Halloween is almost here, which means more Halloween related, wrestling pop culture content. And while the wrestling horror movie sub-genre is still a work in progress, you can still get your Halloween/wrestling fix by watching these 10 wrestling episodes from TV shows that deal with the supernatural. And the best part is, most of these shows are either streaming on Netflix or Hulu.

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Wrestling & Horror Related Pop Culture

IMG_4764Yes, that’s a long ass title. But how else can you shorten, “Hey, here’s a list of pop culture stuff that involves pro wrestling with a horror/supernatural slant that would be perfect to watch, read, or play in the spirit of Halloween”? Exactly. Now, do yourself a favor and check out the list.

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The Munsters

themunsterslogo“Herman the Great”
Season 1, Episode 9

I haven’t seen a full episode of The Munsters since TBS used to air the reruns when I’d get home from kindergarten. Immediately the first thing that came to my mind as I was watching the intro was, why does Grandpa try to bite Lily in the opening credits? It’s his own daughter. And she’s a vampire too. I don’t know how this all works in the mythology of vampires, but that just seemed weird. And a bit on the creepy side. Even for a show about a family of monsters. Anyway, in this episode Herman Munster enters the wrestling ring to earn some extra cash and instead of cashing in on his Frankenstein gimmick, they decide to put a mask on him.

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