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Lucas Bros. Moving Co.


The Entire Series
November 23, 2013 – Present

The Lucas Bros. Moving Co. is an animated show on Fox’s answer to Adult Swim: the ADHD programming block. And it’s pretty damn awesome. To sum up the show in three words: Twins. Stoners. Wrestling.

I wasn’t too familiar with the Lucas Bros’ comedy but I’m glad I came across them through this show. Finding out that they are pretty big wrestling fans, especially of the old school variety, and frequently showcase their love of wrestling by dropping names, or featuring the occasional cameo from Jake the Snake Roberts makes it all the better. Especially when you consider that they actually have Jake Robert voicing his cartoon self, in all his methodical, gravelly-voiced glory.


Only a handful of episodes have aired, but already I’m a huge fan. And if you’re into wrestling and, for lack of a better word, the “alternative” comedy scene, the Lucas Bros. Moving Co. is definitely worth checking out. Alongside real-life twins, Kenny and Keith Lucas, the show features the voices of other talented comedians like Jerrod Carmichael, Eric Andre, Hannibal Buress, Natasha Leggero, etc… and so forth.


Hell, the first episode alone is heavy on the Jake Roberts and even has the snake man himself reveal what the DDT stands for: Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, a harmful chemical used in pesticides. Jake reveals this after pinning The Reposession Man, who is obviously a copyright loophole version of the Repo Man (sadly, not voiced by Barry Darsow), in order to help the Lucas Bros. move a bed. But Jake has other plans as he releases the DDT onto Brooklyn, assuming control of the borough, stealing the brothers’ moving van, and making Jay-Z his bitch. The brothers quickly conclude that the only way to counter the DDT, is with a reverse DDT. Enter Stinger, who is pretty much copyright-loophole Sting, and who happens to live in the same building as the brothers, but now retired and a family man. With some convincing the brothers get Stinger to help in their cause to take down Jake the Snake.


Jake also shows up in episode two as a tow truck driver, to further fuck with the Lucas Bros. and even when there are no wrestler cameos, the brothers’ love of wrestling clearly comes through in how they decorate their apartment, with posters of Roddy Piper, Ultimate Warrior, and of course their favorite wrestler, Bret Hart; whose poster is featured more prominently than the rest. To further cement that fact, Bret Hart is also featured in the closing title card of the Lucas Bros.’ production company Oh Snap, in which Bret Hart is chilling against the wall about to spark up. The best Bret Hart drawing ever.


Bret Hart is also mentioned when the brothers have a falling out and Kenny declares that Bret is no longer his favorite, but rather Shawn Michaels. Which sparks a pretty funny debate between the brothers that hilariously captures the 1995 debate of young wrestling nerds everywhere. This particular moment takes place during their best episode so far, a Back to the Future parody that transports the brothers to 1995 and has them scrambling to save themselves by getting their younger selves to watch Eddie Murphy’s undeniable classic Vampire in Brooklyn. If that alone doesn’t make you want to watch, I don’t know what else to tell you.


So even if you’re not into pro wrestling, which wouldn’t make sense if you’re on this site, you’ll always have the Lucas Bros’ pop cultural references, which includes a nice, large helping of black pop culture. Where the hell else are you gonna see references to Bone Thugs & Harmony, Keith Sweat, Dead Presidents, and Vampire in Brooklyn casually dropped alongside Oasis? It might not always be specifically wrestling oriented, but when it is, the Lucas Bros. Moving Co. does a helluva better job paying homage to pro wrestling than Adult Swim’s Mongo Wrestling Alliance ever did. Plus, it’s a million times funnier.


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