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Paid for by the Following: Miller Lite

Miller Lite LogoFirst off, props to Miller Lite for acknowledging that pro wrestling not only appeals to small children but also grown men. Skeptical dads, please be aware that if your child drags you to a wrestling show you’ll at least be able to drown your frustrations in a 20 oz. cup of beer. Shitty beer, but beer nonetheless.

Miller Lite - 5 - MoctezumaThere’s a lot that this commercial gets right, which is a huge plus in the eyes of wrestling fans when you’re entire angle is to lampoon the thing we love. Do it right and we’ll laugh along with you. You have over-the-top mid-90’s WWE-type characters like The Chiropractor (which should’ve been the wrestling name for Michael Rapaport
in The Naked Man) and the mandatory ethnic stereotype, Moctezuma. And it helps that they’re being portrayed by actual wrestlers, Tyler Mane (also X-Men movie Sabretooth #1) and Rey Mysterio Sr. (Rey Jr.’s dad uncle).  Even the commentator pays homage to the late-great Gorilla Monsoon as he acknowledges that the place is going bananas, as most wrestling-filled arenas tend to get.

Miller Lite - 4 - The ChiropractorWe get actual wrestling moves being used — about a foot away from making any actual contact. Get it?!?! And while satirizing the entire thing as being a complete and total sham, they also draw attention to the nuances that add to this complete and total sham. The facial expressions and gestures are on point. The Chiropractor gets some ringside advice from his nurse valet, and even has a name for his finisher that coincides with his gimmick: The Spinal Realignment. Moctezuma, while dressed in full Aztec garb, has Mexican minis at his side who are also dressed like stereotypical Mexicans, and are holding Chihuahuas. Typical lucha libre!

Miller Lite - 1After the match is over, we find our two grapplers at a bar, still in their wrestling gear because fuck kayfabe, ya mark. They open their beers and begin to pour, completely missing the glass because everything wrestlers do is fake. They compliment each other on a great match and give each other high-fives that totally miss, but not in that lame Steve Urkel way. They drink and you buy Miller Lite.

Miller Lite - 3It’s definitely one of my favorite wrestling-themed commercials. And if you’re a wrestling fan it should be your favorite too. Think about it. Not only does their beer clearly miss their glasses as they pour, but in the next shot their glasses are full of beer. If there’s ever been a more accurate parable to describe the magical realism of professional wrestling, my friends, this is it.

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