World Wide Wrestling Web

World Wide Wrestling Web: Iron Sheik – Very Animated People

The video is two years old but seeing as 420 just passed, and the fact that this video only has a little over 125,000 views is criminal when you consider it’s one of the funniest wrestling-related pieces of web content you’ll ever see, it seemed appropriate to post it on here, albeit late. Even when he’s not spewing hatred, curses, and yelling at the top of his lungs, Iron Sheik proves he’s one of the best storytellers. The accompanying animation makes it one of the greatest things ever. Forget Camp WWE. A cartoon narrated by the Iron Sheik telling crazy wrestling stories from the 80’s would easily allow at least ten generations of Levesque-McMahons to live off of the monthly WWE Network subscription fee for the rest of their lives because you’d be insane not to fork over $9.99 to watch Iron Sheik’s animated stories.

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