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Kyle’s Wrestling T-Shirts on Maron


Season four of IFC’s Maron premieres tomorrow, and since I haven’t gotten around to reviewing the episode that features “MMA fighter” CM Punk and Colt Cabana, I figured I’d just list the ten best wrestling t-shirts that Marc’s assistant, Kyle, has worn over the past three seasons. By the way, is actor Josh Brener an actual wrestling fan? Has he been spotted at PWG shows? Can he start sporting wrestling tees on Silicon Valley, as well? Anyway…

Maron - WeAre388

10. We Are 388
Before PWG started bringing in an all-star roster of the best pro wrestlers from around the world, they would concentrate pretty heavily on showcasing local, So-Cal talent. The tag team of Johnny Yuma and Johnny Goodtime aka The RockNES Monsters, were two of those talents. I pretty much stopped attending PWG shows around the time they became one of their more popular acts, so I have no idea what the 388 is in reference to with regards to them. Hence, the number 10 spot.

Maron - PPA All Day

9. PPA All Day
This was the first of three shirts that made an appearance on the episode that featured CM Punk and Colt Cabana. The PPA stands for “Pretty” Peter Avalon. He was also one of those So-Cal guys that would be featured on PWG shows. He showed up on TNA a few times, but now you can mostly catch him on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, which actually films in Port Hueneme, about 60 miles from Hollywood, CA.

Maron - WeAre87

8. We Are 87%
Remember when TNA did that whole Gut Check thing to introduce independent wrestlers and vote on whether or not they should be added to their full-time roster? Well, TNA being TNA, passed up on Joey Ryan, mostly due to Taz’ voting, even though 87% of the viewing audience was in favor of Ryan getting hired. It’s cool though, he’s now on Lucha Underground being sleazier than ever.

Maron - RockNESMonster

7. RockNES Monsters
Back to the RockNES Monsters. This is the second shirt that made its way onto Maron. It’s basically them going Rampage on a few skyscrapers. You have to wonder if the added exposure on Maron helped the RockNES Monsters in getting more booking dates. I’m sure it did wonders for Colt Cabana.

Maron - GiantLuchador2

6. Giant Luchador
This is just a random, no-name, giant luchador on a t-shirt. It actually kind of looks like Giant Machine. It’s a pretty cool shirt. No idea where they sell it.

Maron - JoeyRyan

5. Who Wants a Mustache Ride?
One of Joey Ryan’s first t-shirts. This was when he was just starting to bring sleazy back. And it doesn’t look like he’s letting it leave anytime soon.

Maron - Wrestler with Boombox

4. Wrestler with Boombox
My personal favorite of all the t-shirts. It’s basically a champion luchador listening to a boombox. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. I also have no idea where they sell this one. And I really wish I did.

Maron - IndyWrestling

3. Support Indy Wrestling
This is a pretty basic t-shirt. But it’s one that all die hard wrestling fans should own and also do like the shirt says. Indy wrestling is why our favorite wrestling organization, NXT, exists.

Maron - LegalizeSleaze

2. Legalize Sleaze
If you live in Los Angeles or shop at American Apparel, then you’ve come across the Legalize LA and Legalize Gay t-shirts that the company put out. The first one was in support of amnesty for illegal immigrants, and the second in response to California’s Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage. Joey Ryan, proving that even back then he had his finger on the pulse of society, fashion, pop culture, etc., decided it was also time to legalize sleaze. It worked!

Maron - Colt Shirt

1. Colt Cabana “Star Colt” 
The famous shirt worn by CM Punk while doing commentary on Raw one Monday night. The shirt also worn by Kyle on the day he expected to meet Colt Cabana, but was let down after learning that Cabana had done the podcast the day before. Us fans who occupy that small intersecting space of the WTF with Marc Maron and pro wrestling Venn diagram, can thank Colt Cabana for making this connection. It’s probably because of him that Kyle wears wrestling t-shirts on the show. That, or prowrestlingtees.com is secretly one of Maron’s sponsors.

Either way, here’s to season four and the possibility of even more indy wrestling t-shirts making their way onto Maron.


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