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Macho Moments in Pop Culture

IMG_6032It’s been five years since the wrestling world lost the “Macho Man” Randy Savage. But while today most wrestling sites will celebrate his in-ring career highlights, let’s not forget that the world of pop culture also lost the Macho Man. Whether he’s still being remembered by Tumblrs showcasing him beating pop culture’s greatest bad asses, or in video games which contain a Macho Man-esque alternate outfit, or a modified dragon, it’s time we celebrate Randy Savage’s greatest contributions to pop culture. Mandatory “Oh yeah!” here.

IMG_603410. Bolt
I didn’t see Bolt, and chances are you didn’t either, but Macho Man lent his vocal talents to play a thug, or rather Thug, in the film. The most noteworthy thing to take away from Bolt’s release was that Randy Savage made a rare public appearance and gave the world a glimpse of the Macho Man sans hair and beard dye, looking like some jacked-up wizard with a thing for cowboy hats.
IMG_60379. Walker, Texas Ranger
Randy Savage played a jailbird, who takes part in underground prison MMA cage fights on this episode of Walker. I guess. For whatever reason, Chuck Norris’ character is in the same prison and finds himself fighting the Macho Man. Sadly, Macho Man is no match for Norris’ swift kicks and submission holds. Who knows how this fight would’ve turned out had he been able to drop the big elbow from the top of the cage. Still, it was pretty cool to see two 80’s fighting icons beating the crap out of each other. Now, enjoy this music video of them doing just that.
IMG_60338. Nikki
Pro wrestling and Nikki Cox were not enough to get 18-year-old me to watch this terrible sitcom. Even with notable WCW guest stars. Such as the man himself, Randy Savage. Playing James “Pretty Boy” Carter, the Macho Man played a veteran wrestler trying to maintain the mystique of his superherolike presence. Instead, his hamstring falls off the bone and his dentures fly out of his mouth. Macho Man’s role was a wake-up call for the main wrestler of the show, the horribly named Cry Baby, to think of a fallback plan in order to not end up an old broken and battered wrestler. But in a comical way. It’s cool to see that Savage wasn’t afraid to poke fun of his age. Can you imagine Hulk Hogan ever doing something like that? Especially on a third rate WB sitcom? Macho Man was indeed the man.
IMG_60387. King of the Hill
No agony, no bragony! There’s no better person to motivate perpetual sad sack, Bill Dauterive, than a fellow animated character voiced by the “Macho Man” Randy Savage. As part of a dude-bro trio of gym rats, Savage’s character, the aptly named Gorilla, and his two buds take Bill under their massively chiseled wings. This episode also proved that playing a game of War with Macho Man on the sidelines providing commentary is the only way to play War.
IMG_60446. Space Ghost Coast to Coast
On this Cartoon Network classic, Savage does a great job as Leonard Ghostal, an out of control, retired wrestling grandpa. From threatening to use the atomic elbow on Zorak, bragging about beating Moltar’s dad, to asking Raven-Symone if she’s ever met Calhoun Haystacks, the Macho Man put on one of his best voice acting performances. And the funniest.
IMG_53005. Baywatch
Once again, Randy Savage is forced to play second fiddle to The Hulkster. The Macho Man helps Hogan wrestle away a rec center from bad guy land owners, Ric Flair and Vader. The matches just happen to coincide with WCW’s Bash at the Beach pay-per-view. But the best part about this episode is the beginning where Hulk and Macho are racing jet skis and Hogan nearly drowns because he was too busy being a creepy perv. Then Hogan has the audacity to blame Macho Man for the whole ordeal. Also, look at that picture above. Macho Man is working the Slim Jim gimmick during Baywatch. The man was a goddamn marketing genius.
In another early Cartoon Network staple, the Macho Man was used once again to lend his one-of-a-kind voice. Surprisingly, it’s the only actual animated wrestler he’s ever voiced. Space Ghost’s grandpa somewhat counts. As the intergalactic champion wrestler, Rasslor, Randy Savage voices his way through victory defeating many of earth’s greatest heroes, until a small wrestling monkey eventually earns his respect. Rasslor is one of the top fictionalized animated wrestlers, thanks in part to Savage’s voice.
IMG_60453. Ready to Rumble
Savage once again proves how much of a team player he is by appearing in the catalyst that gave us WCW World Champion, David Arquette. Sadly, he isn’t one of the main characters in the movie and makes a quick appearance in a convenience store fantasy tag team match. He also gets his ass handed to him by Oliver Platt, of all people. At least Savage didn’t have to take the pin. He left that up to Ahmet Zappa.
Bonesaw McGraw2. Spider-Man
While Rasslor may be one of the best fictionalized animated wrestlers, Bonesaw McGraw is the 6th best fictional wrestler in cinematic history. Looking back, I’m surprised I rated him that low too, but he did lose his match. Although, it did take a goddamn superhero to put him down. Bonesaw was basically Randy Savage playing Randy Savage, but hey, if you have Randy Savage playing a fictional wrestler in your movie, do you really want him to be anyone else other than Randy fucking Savage?
IMG_60461. Slim Jim
Some people who have never watched wrestling (lived under a rock) probably only knew Macho Man as the spokesperson for Slim Jim. In 7th grade, my diet consisted primarily of Slim Jim and Pepsi, and I have the Macho Man to thank and/or blame for that. While Slim Jim has had other brand ambassadors, including other wrestlers, like Ultimate Warrior, or that creepy Slim Jim Guy, none are more synonymous with Slim Jim than Randy Savage. Whether you needed a little excitement or thou was bored, “Macho Man” Randy Savage was always there with a handful of spicy beef sticks to break you out of your funk.

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