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Bob’s Burgers

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Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?
Season 7, Episode 5

Bob’s Burgers is great. If you haven’t been watching, you should. This particular episode gives a brief glimpse of how incredible an entire wrestling-themed episode of Bob’s Burgers would be.


So the parents, Bob and Linda, are out doing their taxes, which leads them to accidentally getting high. Tina, their oldest daughter, finds herself sitting in detention as part of yet another scheme to land herself a boyfriend. That leaves Gene and Louise home alone to quickly fend for themselves as they waste no time in getting themselves into trouble. This is all due to Louise finding an old moldy melon, tossing it out the window and hitting high school bully, Logan, with it.

Louise laughs off Logan’s threats of noogies and swirlies, but when he mentions the Reverse Norwegian Stink Hold, Gene explains to his younger sibling that this is no longer a laughing matter.


The mere mention of the move terrifies Gene and rightfully so, as he is very familiar with the move and its originator, professional grappler, Norwegian Steven. Yes, Norwegian Steven. The name alone has already won me over. Louise, at first, is confused, as she has no idea that Gene even watched pro wrestling. To which Gene replies, “I have a life, Louise!” Which is probably the first time anyone has ever said that in response to watching wrestling. Usually, it’s the other way around when explaining why one wouldn’t watch wrestling, other than it’s fake. It’s also every fan’s response on Twitter whenever WWE decides to add another show to the WWE Network.


Gene then explains the intricacies of the hold to Louise. It’s basically a reverse headlock, like the set up to Sting’s Scorpion Death Drop. Or Cody Rhodes’ Cross Rhodes, if you want to update it. But instead of dropping your opponent flat on his back, like Sting might do, or spinning and dropping, like Cody Rhodes do, you simply grab a fistful of belly fat. Thus, forcing your opponent to inhale your armpit stench as he cries out in pain. In this case, Norwegian Steven’s armpit stench. So, really, it’s a lot more like the Nasty Boys’ pit stop move.

In less than a minute, Bob’s Burgers was able to create a great sounding wrestler, with a great sounding, and devastating, finisher. Some wrestling shows can’t even get a wrestler over with months-long vignettes. Now, all I want is an episode of Bob’s Burgers that features a burger with a wrestling pun for a name, like the Macho Manchego Cheese Burger (which I just found out is a type of cheese), and Bob having to defend himself inside a ring for three minutes against a professional wrestler, perhaps Norwegian Steven, because of Louise’s doing or something along those lines. Maybe even throw in Teddy as his tag partner. Teddy definitely seems like the kind of character who would be into wrestling.

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