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Centraal Beheer

hogan-beheer-10Leave it to Centraal Beheer, an an insurance company located in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, to help try and get Hulk Hogan back into the general public’s good graces before the WWE has a chance.

hogan-beheer-2This commercial starts with a family enjoying a nice day out on a pier at a beach. Perhaps, Venice Beach? As they prepare to take a selfie, a thief snatches the mom’s purse and takes off running. The poor sap then runs into a casually-strolling-by Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster scoops him up for a tombstone piledriver, despite the man’s pleas that he is a big fan. Which goes to show what kind of person still cheers Hulk Hogan nowadays. Hogan tombstone piledrives him, and in typical wrestling fashion, the thief’s head never connects with the ground. It being the tombstone, it still looks devastating as hell, and the crowd that has gathered reacts accordingly. Hogan then plays to his newfound audience. The thief is in shock because despite looking like he’s in his late 20’s/early 30’s, nobody ever clued him in on pro wrestling being a work.

hogan-beheer-4Hogan follows up with his finisher, the atomic leg drop. Again, being the professional that he is, Hogan protects the dude. Remember, Hogan was shitted on for being a terrible “wrestler,” but nobody ever called him out for being an unsafe worker. The guy flinches, but feels nothing. Hogan continues working on him with some of the worst working punches that they make Dean Ambrose’s punches look like Steve Austin’s punches in comparison. The thief hilariously continues looking on with a befuddled look, as Hogan keeps pretend punching him. Hogan then uncharacteristically finishes him by jumping off a railing and splashing the thief, rattling the planks of the pier and possibly endangering everybody standing on it, but causing no damage to the thief.

hogan-beheer-6Then, as it’s mentioned on the Something to Wrestle with Bruce Pritchard podcast, Hogan must pose. As the crowd of people who’ve obviously been kept in the dark regarding Hogan’s racist rant, or even worse, were totally cool with it, rush to him, the thief casually dusts himself off, picks up the woman’s purse, and proceeds on his way. The poor mom tries to point this out realizing, like so many of us former Hulkamaniacs have over the last few years, that The Hulkster is nothing more than a phony.

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