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Comedians Who Are Legit Wrestling Fans

NWA20090809Wrestling fans love to know about celebrities who actually enjoy watching wrestling. It makes them more like us! However, we don’t care for the ones that were somehow coerced into being at a WWE event, despite getting awesome front-row seats, for the sole purpose of reminding non-wrestling fans how mainstream and culturally relevant WWE is. Nor do we care for the ones that are guest hosting Raw for the simple reason of pimping out their latest movie/show. No, we like the ones that actually watch on their own accord and are fans of the product. Whether they’ve just gotten on the bandwagon or have been fans for years. It’s even better when those fans happen to be comedians. Especially, when you consider the several parallels between the lives of professional wrestlers and stand-up comedians. Plus, it helps to have a sense of humor and a healthy dose of self-hatred when watching wrestling. Which is why it makes sense that comedians would be legit wrestling fans. And here’s a PWI 500-ish ranking of them.

SeanonConan10. Sean O’Connor
Took over the Comedy Central feed to live tweet Battleground 2014. Quite possibly one of the blandest WWE pay-per-views specials. Yet, he was able to make lemonade out of it. Hilarious lemonade. His Comedy Central Half-Hour special was great, and his description of New Jersey as the “most American part of Italy” is one of the best lines ever used to describe any place ever. Especially New Jersey. And to top it off, Sean’s also a writer for the Lucas Bros. Moving Co. which you can read more about at #6 on this list.

mike-lawrence-cropped9. Mike Lawrence
Has taken part in comedy shows with Colt Cabana in which they watch horrible wrestling, and has gone so far as to continue being part of such events with other wrestlers like Matt Striker at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY. More evidence that wrestling has been fully embraced by the hipster folk. Mike was even the focal point of a Toy Hunter episode. Sadly, it wasn’t the one that involved the rare LJN Hulk Hogan black card figure. When he’s not reliving nightmares of working at McDonald’s he’s busy dropping awesomely-titled comedy albums like Sadamantium. He’ll also occasionally feature wrestling as a topic on his podcast Nerd of Mouth.

Vince-AverillTomSibley8. Vince Averill & Tom Sibley
The first tag team on this list and the resident smark (Averill) and noob (Sibley) of the We Watch Wrestling podcast. You can catch them around Los Angeles doing shows. Vince has done Live at Gotham and hosts the Iron Mountain Comedy Show in L.A., and apart from doing stand up, Tom does a crap load of commercials. They’re also gearing up for their first live podcast recording which was to feature Tom getting chopped in the chest by a pro wrestler, but decided to back out a couple of weeks ago. Part of me understands why, the wrestling part of me wants to see him get put through a table now.

Judah7. Judah Friedlander
Another comedian who’s never shied away from liking wrestling or, more accurately, Mick Foley. They’ve definitely become close now that Mick is doing the comedy thing and Judah is the reason why Mick was also able to meet Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. Judah also expressed his love for wrestling by being a guest ring announcer for a Dvas throwaway match on an episode of Raw. The best part about it was that he came to the ring with the 30 Rock theme song as his entrance music. Quite possibly one of the best music choices out there for a wrestler’s entrance. And I can’t go without mentioning Judah’s part in the critically praised film, The Wrestler, in which he plays some type of promoter that isn’t a complete scumbag and is genuinely concerned for The Ram’s health.

chris-gethard-406. Chris Gethard
You can watch him on the new, and ridiculously hilarious, Comedy Central show Broad City, as  Ilana’s inept, easy-going boss Derek. BUT, more importantly, he’s the host of the New York public access show: The Chris Gethard Show. Which is also on YouTube. And is also a bat-shit crazy (but in a good way) hilarious show. He recently spent almost the entire month of July talking about wrestling on his show with guests like Eddie Kingston and Tito Santana! Other past wrestling guests on the show have included Colt Cabana, with whom he joined in, along with Mike Lawrence, on making fun of bad wrestling. Chris Gethard is also a vocal proponent for including more butt in your diet.

LucasBros5. Lucas Bros
Stoner twins Kenneth and Keith Lucas dropped out of law school to pursue a career in comedy. While that might initially be misconstrued as a cautionary tale, the decision has actually been working out pretty good for the brothers. In case you’ve never watched the Lucas Bros. Moving Co. please feel free to read my love letter to the show here. The brothers’ love for wrestling is sincere and shines through in several episodes in different ways from old wrestling posters, to a Bret Hart Hasbro action figure, to having copyright loophole versions of The Repo Man and Sting appear on the first episode. And let’s not forget that they have the actual Jake “The Snake” Roberts voicing the evil, tow truck driving animated Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

derosa4. Marty DeRosa
Marty is a Chicago-based comedian who just happened to strike a friendship with wrestling’s comic relief, Colt Cabana. Together they have almost effortlessly married their two loves and have produced some of the best wrestling-related comedy content. Their YouTube shows Creative Has Nothing For You and the current Worst Promo Ever are great, and their Mystery Science Theatre 3000inspired $5 Wrestling is a hit with all the wrestling nerds and has made a star out of wrestler Freight Train. Marty even hosts his own podcast (surprise, surprise) called Wrestling with Depression in which he welcomes comedians, and the occasional wrestler, to explore the depths of sadness.

blog_funches3. Ron Funches
On the outside, Ron Funches seems like a sweet, giggling pacifist who loves playing Animal Crossing. But inside, Funches loves a good slobber knocker as much as the next wrestling fan. Aside from playing the loveable Shelly on NBC’s Undateable, he has also been spotted at stand up and PWG shows sporting multiple wrestling shirts. Some of which include the likeness of “Ravishing” Rick Rude and Joey Ryan. So he obviously loves sleazy mustachioed wrestlers. He’s a devout fan and constantly tweeting about his love of the sport (entertainment). Currently, he’s campaigning on Twitter to be the Clarence Mason of the “new” Nation of Domination group consisting of Xavier Woods, Big E. Langston, and Kofi Kingston. I’m all for it.

ccsu_lag_305_mccarthy_extra2. Matt McCarthy
This guy was actually part of WWE Creative for a year before he realized it was better to love wrestling from afar than to be caught up in the wrestling “bubble.” He’s a good friend and collaborator with comedian Pete Holmes, who’s not a wrestling enthusiast. Their stuff can be found everywhere online, from their Front Page Films shorts, to their wildly popular Batman videos on College Humor, and the sadly short-lived The Pete Holmes Show. Matt is also the missing partner of the 3-way dance that makes up the We Watch Wrestling podcast. As mentioned before, the podcast has its first live recording the eve before SummerSlam in Los Angeles with special guest Dolph Ziggler performing stand up comedy! Tickets still available!

JonStewart1. Jon Stewart
Listed as number one because he’s the most famous of the bunch. The newest wrestling recruit, although Stewart has mentioned in the past his familiarity with the legendary likes of Bruno Sammartino, has rekindled that love affair with pro wrestling, thanks to his 9-year-old son. His first time publicly coming out as a fan was a passionate outburst over Brock Lesnar ending the Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania XXX. Then, there was him geeking out with comedian (and phony wrestling fan) Kevin Hart about him hosting Raw. And let’s not forget his going off on a tangent after referencing the Lana “current events” debacle. He might be a little late to the game, but better late then never. Especially, if he has a platform, such as The Daily Show, where millions watch and are further exposed to the magical realism that is professional wrestling.


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