Paid for by the Following

Paid for by the Following: Juicy Drop

IMG_2017In case you forgot, Juicy Drop was the official sponsor of the WWE pay-per-view/Network special Extreme Rules 2014. Apparently this candy has been around for quite a while which I was not aware of. Before luchadores, skaters were shilling the candy. Guess it was time for a reboot. I’m not quite sure why a wrestler, let alone a luchador, would be the right type of spokesperson for a candy commercial. They at least could’ve gone for an actual wrestler, as opposed to a fake luchador, but I guess hiring an actual wrestler would’ve cost more. This is Juicy Drop after all, it’s not like they have that sweet Post Fruity/Cocoa Pebbles money.

IMG_2002The recent commercials have kids opposing each other in a Mexican stand off, daring each other to “drop.” To which they then proceed to place an acid tab on their tongue. Only it’s more sugary and, in this case, comes in liquid form. What happened to the good ol’ days of candy resembling cocaine, like Fun Dip and Pixie Sticks?

IMG_2003Juicy Drop’s spokesperson, and all-around peer pressuring advocate, Señor Sour shows up to “Uno mas!” the young kids and add even more sour goo to their already cavity inducing concoction. He speaks with a heavy English accent (naturally). And is slightly brown, so there’s a good chance it’s a tanned white dude underneath the mask. Stereotypical Mexican music plays in the background, which kind of sounds like Juventud Guerrera’s WCW music. Or most Mexican wrestler’s U.S. theme music who weren’t Eddie Guerrero or Rey Mysterio.

IMG_2013Señor Sour dubs his Juicy Drop campeones “juicadors.” Which is fitting as the term “juicing” applies to professional wrestling in the following ways:
– As in blading. In which wrestlers use a razor blade to slice their foreheads open in order to produce blood. And…
– As in shooting up steroids. Which was all the rage in the 80’s.

IMG_2016The kids buckle under the pressure and consume as much Juicy Drop goodness as they can. Which is all well and good as this entire sequence of events serves as practice for when they grow older and graduate to other vices and hard-to-kick habits. I guess choosing a wrestler/luchador as a spokesperson makes sense after all.


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