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Wrestlers on The Simpsons

The Simpsons has been around so long that they’ve featured enough wrestlers for you to make a whole roster out of for your Universe Mode in the WWE 2K games. Or to be more relevant with the times, create them on Fire Pro Wrestling World. Here’s a list of them.

Honorable Mention:
Beautiful Bart
Primed and ready to take the wrestling world of Springfield by storm and become the newest bad boy of wrestling, Beautiful Bart never got to actually perform in the ring. At least, not physically. No one can say whether or not he had been properly trained, or even knew how to wrestle, but he sure as hell knew how to draw heat and get under people’s skin.
El Guapo
Looking back on it, the masked El Guapo was most definitely the first draft version of Beautiful Bart. The name guapo translates to handsome in English, and there’s also the fact that Homer encouraged Bart to practice preening and feeding off the hatred of a make-believe crowd. So it was really Homer that convinced Bart to go heel and not Grampa, as he was later accused of.

10. El Bombastico
This Mexican luchador was, at one time, sponsored by the Springfield Investorettes. Considering nobody seemed disappointed when Mrs. Krabappel held up a poster of him, we can assume it was a pretty successful investment on their part.

9. Dr. Bonebreak and Rumbleina
This married wrestling couple spent very little time in the honeymoon phase as they quickly faced off against each other, with steel chair and fire extinguisher as their weapon of choice. Proving that marriage counseling isn’t for everyone, they held nothing back when hitting each other with said foreign objects.

8. Captain Flag & Half Mast
This team of truth enforcers and the American way never got to showcase their wrestling prowess, as their match against Glamorous Godfrey and Beautiful Bart never took place. Instead, they had to stand by and watch as Godfrey and Bart ripped off  their all-American gimmick to become Honest Abe and Laddie Liberty.

7. Olaf Johannsen
The Swedish “Fury of Fjords” was another victim of Glamorous Godfrey’s cheating ways. While complaining to the referee about Godfrey’s decision to have a beauty treatment mid-match, Godfrey pulled off a wrestling first, by using his shower cap to choke out Johannsen.

6. Rasputin the Friendly Russian
The former Mad Russian, had gone the route of the Assimiliated Foreign Wrestler, waving both the Russian and U.S. flag proudly. However, his airplane spin and head pounding style wasn’t enough to put away his nemesis, Prof. Werner von Brawn. Rasputin also had a penchant for wrestling with his championship belt on.

5. Babyface Palooka
Perhaps Glamorous Godfrey’s most famous rival. The ultimate white meat babyface was always on the receiving end of a three count whenever he faced off against Godfrey. Whether he was taking a chair to the back of the head in the 50’s, or getting slammed over the head with an unfinished portrait of Godfrey in present day, Palooka just couldn’t catch a break when he was up against the glamorous one.

4. The Iron Yuppie and Dr. Hillbilly
Both of these men were participants in a Texas Death Match that actually lived up to its name. Not only did The Iron Yuppie and Dr. Hillbilly put their masks on the line, but also their lives. Sadly, we never found out who made it out alive when it was all said and done.

3. Professor Werner von Brawn
Hailing from the University of Heidelberg, the professor of World Class Wrestling lived up to his moniker, and day time job, by teaching a lesson to anybody who stepped in between the ropes to face him. Especially, in the discipline of cheating, as he was quite fond of using foreign objects. Like, a straight-up wrench to clobber his opponents over the head with.

2. Bret Hart
Despite the eclectic group of fictional wrestlers The Simpsons had introduced, no wrestling cameo was as memorable as the one from actual pro wrestler, Bret “The Hitman” Hart. With all that WWF money he was pulling in at the time, Bret was close to buying Mr. Burns’ mansion, despite the fact that it reeked of “old man stink.” But the possibility of living next door to the Shrieking Sheik was too good for The Hitman to pass up.

1. Glamorous Godfrey
The most arrogant and vile of the wrestling heels in the history of the Springfield pro wrestling scene. Godfrey was a sports entertainer before the term eventually replaced pro wrestler. Behind his grand entrances and flamboyant ring gear, was very little wrestling skill. Instead, Godfrey relied on elaborate schemes to put one over on his opponents and secure the win. Although it took him more than 50 years, he eventually learned the error of his ways and turned babyface.


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