Ringside Cinema

Coco (2017)

Disney/Pixar’s Coco not only brought us to tears, but it also made a strong case for the two animation companies to be able to produce good lucha things. 

The Storyline
Coco is one of the most heartwarming movies Disney and Pixar have ever put out. It’s also probably one of the more culturally competent and relevant ones.

Little Miguel wants to be a musician, but such aspirations are frowned upon within his household. A scorned great great grandmother sees to it that nobody down the bloodline ever picks up a musical instrument or utters a single note. Even in her death, this rule remains in effect.

On the Day of the Dead, Miguel decides to enter his town’s version of La Voz Kids and “borrows” the guitar of his idol, famed musician, Ernesto de la Cruz. Doing so transports him to the vibrant world of the dead where he learns the truth about his hero and, more importantly, the history of his family. I’m not doing a good job of selling it, but I’m just here to point out the wrestling references in movies and TV shows. But seriously, do yourself a favor and go see it.

The Wrestling
There isn’t any actual wrestling going on, aside from Miguel jumping off his bed and crashing down on some pillows, near Mama Coco’s feet. Sadly, it wasn’t a tope con hilo, or something much more lucha, but at least they had masks on. Miguel then declares Mama Coco the winner.

The Wrestlers
Only the most famous luchador in the history of Mexico, El Santo. Well, the skeleton of El Santo.

El Santo attends Ernesto de la Cruz’ Day of the Dead party and one of the security guards immediately marks out. He even asks Santo for a picture, which Santo is more than happy to comply with. Staying true to his good-natured persona. By this point, the movie had already won me over.

Although, points have to be deducted for having Santo show up in silver trunks, instead of the tights that he wore throughout his entire career. For a couple of companies that have made Buzzfeed’s Andy Golder say “daaaamn” with regards to their eyes for details, I don’t know they messed that one up.

Star Rating: *****

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