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“Wrestling Grandpa”
Season 6, Episode 18

 If you thought Abe Simpson was the only wrestling grandpa, guess again. Before Glamorous Godfrey took to the squared circle on our TV sets, Pretzel-Maker Pickles was contorting wrestlers into… human pretzels. At least, it’s assumed he did because of the name. Either that or being employed by Wetzel’s Pretzels was part of the gimmick.

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Create-A-Wrestler: The Masked Mauler

Garfield and Friends 1 - Masked MaulerMedium: Television
Title: Garfield and Friends
Bio: On the surface, The Masked Mauler was an opposing figure. Underneath the mask lurked an over-sized, goofy-looking nerd who was allergic to cats.
Signature Move: Bullying local townspeople into wrestling matches.

What the World is Watching

Garfield and Friends


“Canvas Back Cat”
Season 5 Episode 8

In case you’re wondering if this cartoon still holds up after all these years, the answer is yes. Yes, it does. And the fact that there’s an episode that involves pro wrestling makes it all the better.

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