Create-A-Wrestler: Klondike Butcher

Night Court 3Medium: Television
Title: Night Court
Bio: Not much is known about the Klondike Butcher, other than he fears little old ladies. Instead of beating the crap out of fans who get involved in matches, like most wrestlers do, the Klondike Butcher takes them to court for physically assaulting him.
Signature Move: Taking little old ladies to court.

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Night Court

NightCourtLogo“The Battling Bailiff”
Season 2, Episode 17

Night Court was a workplace sitcom set in a Manhattan court room during the night shift, which centered on Judge Harry T. Stone and his rag tag group of work buddies. During this particular episode, one of the bailiffs, Bull, a character who was pretty much based on Lenny from John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, feels unfulfilled with his life, especially after being made fun of by his coworkers for writing poetry, seeing as they think of him as a one-dimensional guy. So, he decides to take up pro wrestling after meeting a promoter inside the courtroom.
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