The Lover

The Lover Andy SchmidtMedium: Film
Title: The One and Only
Bio: A wrestler who had gone through more gimmick changes than Ed Leslie, Andy Schmidt finally found his calling as The Lover. Even though he wasn’t built like a wrestler, or even knew how to actually wrestle, he embodied the true essence of professional wrestling: the spectacle of excess.
Signature Move: Making a grand entrance.

Ringside Cinema

Les Reines du Ring (2013)

Les Reines du Ring¬†is WWE’s first attempt at utilizing WWE Studios to co-produce a movie about wrestling.¬† And not lame ass amateur wrestling like Legendary starring John Cena, but good ol’ “Sports Entertainment” professional wrestling. Apparently, the film must’ve done well in France for WWE to consider remaking it for U.S. audiences in order to save us the trouble from reading subtitles. So get to know Les Reines du Ring before its potential American remake is released and take pleasure in the fact that France is capable of producing by-the-numbers Hollywood saccharine crap, and not just avant-garde, art house films like Holy Motors.

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Ringside Cinema

Body Slam (1986)

BodySlamVHSDon’t let the alternate VHS cover fool you, this is the same 1986 classic that stars Dirk Benedict from The A-Team and Donna’s mom from That 70’s Show.

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