Cody “The Crusader” Conway

Walker-3 Cody the CrusaderMedium: Television
Title: Walker, Texas Ranger
Bio: Against doctor’s orders, the once-retired Cody “The Crusader” goes on to headline a long-awaited rematch against his greatest rival, The Warlock. Reports state that Cody was paid half a million dollars for his return bout, making it one of the largest paydays in both real and fictional wrestling history.
Signature Move: Overcoming an aneurysm.


Tiger Davis

Mister Ed 4 - Tiger DavisMedium: Television
Title: Mister Ed
Bio: Looking to curb his overeating and sudden weight gain, Tiger turned to ballet to get back in shape and even incorporated it into his wrestling style. It proved so successful that he hung up his wrestling boots for a pair of ballet slippers.
Signature Movie: The pirouette.


Magnificent Mimi

American Angels - Magnificent MimiMedium: Film
Title: American Angels: Baptism of Blood
Bio: The American Angels’ Women’s Champion was a force to be reckoned with. She was a dominant champion and showboat who finally met her match in newcomer, Luscious Lisa. Was also rumored to be dating Angels color commentator, Diamond Dave.
Signature Move: Playing to the crowd.


Luscious Lisa

American Angels - Luscious LisaMedium: Film
Title: American Angels: Baptism of Blood
Bio: Granddaughter of famous old school grappler, George “Killer” Kane, Lisa was a scrappy underdog who made her American Angels debut in the main event against Magnificent Mimi. There were rumors of backstage heat on Lisa for her close involvement with Angels commentator, Diamond Dave, who was said to be Mimi’s real-life boyfriend.
Signature Move: The Snap.



Dexter's Laboratory - RasslorMedium: Animation
Title: Dexter’s Laboratory
Bio: The undefeated intergalactic wrestling champion often made quick work of his opponents. Even though he showed no remorse, a scrappy monkey with a never-say-die attitude ultimately won over Rasslor eliciting a softer side from the champ.
Signature Move: Being undefeated.


Mad Dog Hoek & Killer Kadoogan

Ren & Stimpy - Killer Kadoogan & Mad Dog HoekMedium: Animation
Title: The Ren & Stimpy Show
Bio: Two tiny, masked, anthropomorphic grapplers who were known for overcoming the odds and defeating opponents three times their size, despite barely getting any offense in.
Signature Move: The Blister Popper.


The Devil

IMG_6212Medium: Film
Title: The Big Show-Off
Bio: The Devil was one of the biggest heels in his territory. Despite a small setback due to a broken leg, The Devil returned to the ring displaying a gentler side when it was announced that he had gotten engaged to his girlfriend. He was later barred from professional wrestling after being charged with committing a crime.
Signature Move: Assault with a deadly weapon.