“The White Knight” Jack Braden

Mad Bull - White KnightMedium: Film
Mad Bull
Proving that knights were indeed of lower nobility, Jack Braden was as big a dick inside the ring as he was outside of it. Despite being a babyface, Braden would oftentimes go into business for himself and actually injure the wrestlers he faced.
Signature Move:
Shooting on unsuspecting opponents.


The Mad Bull

Mad BullMedium: Film
Title: Mad Bull
Bio: Mad Bull was a heel in an era where everybody treated heels like pieces of shit, both inside and outside the ring. It affected his love life and his relationship with his son. He made it his mission to prove to the world that he was a decent guy, and that the top babyface, Jack Braden, was a dick in real life.
Signature Move: Turning face.

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Booking WrestleMania (The Movie)

Russell Madness

The last installment of the fictional WrestleMania cards. I was only able to come up with nine matches and that’s probably a good thing, or else the terrier from Russell Madness versus Zeus would’ve been a match booked on this card.

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Fictional Wrestlers in Movies

Revolting BlobWith wrestling and cinema going head-to-head this Sunday, when WWE’s Fastlane goes up against the 87th annual Academy Awards, I figured it’d be best to provide you with the definitive ranking of the best fictional wrestlers in movie history. I tried to hold back on this list until Luis Guzman’s Aztec Warrior was finally released, as I’m sure he would’ve provided with a memorable interpretation of a luchador, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon. First, a few honorable mentions.

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Ringside Cinema

Mad Bull (1977)

This week I take a look at a forgotten made-for-TV classic, Mad Bull, starring Alex Karras AKA the dad from Webster AKA the middle class Philip Drummond. It’s one hell of a cheesy movie, but by wrestling movie standards it’s probably one of the better ones out there. It also reveals to us that life is hard for a wrestling heel, especially in the 1970’s.

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