Nacho LibreMedium: Film
Title: Nacho Libre
Bio: Simply known as Nacho, this pudgy luchador went on to great singles success after breaking away from his long-time tag team partner, Esqueleto. In the biggest win of his career, Nacho upset Mexican champion, Ramses, then returned to his humble beginnings as a cook for a local Oaxacan orphanage.
Signature Move: La Casita.

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Booking WrestleMania (The Movie)

Russell Madness

The last installment of the fictional WrestleMania cards. I was only able to come up with nine matches and that’s probably a good thing, or else the terrier from Russell Madness versus Zeus would’ve been a match booked on this card.

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Fictional Wrestlers in Movies

Revolting BlobWith wrestling and cinema going head-to-head this Sunday, when WWE’s Fastlane goes up against the 87th annual Academy Awards, I figured it’d be best to provide you with the definitive ranking of the best fictional wrestlers in movie history. I tried to hold back on this list until Luis Guzman’s Aztec Warrior was finally released, as I’m sure he would’ve provided with a memorable interpretation of a luchador, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon. First, a few honorable mentions.

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